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Pool Party

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Pool Party Pool Party
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When it comes to toys and accessories, the pool is no longer just a kids’ domain – it’s time for adults to take the plunge and reclaim the waters! Hannah Pronesti introduces the latest pool gizmos and gadgets to keep the grown-ups satisfied.

There are certain things in life that have the power to bring out the child in all of us, and a pool is one of them. Most Australians have fond memories of summer days spent swimming with friends, which has created a lasting association between pools and simple, more carefree times. Many a mature adult turns into a belly-whacking big kid at the first sight of water on a hot day.

For those with children, it’s likely that your pool is filled with all kinds of pool toys – among other things! With an endless range of fun accessories on the market, adults needn’t resort to pool noodles and rubber ducks to enjoy a day in the sun.

Here, we discuss the varying pool accessories and toys that will be sure to make a splash in the pool year-round.


Inflatables are one of the most common pool accessories, and over the years, different designs have gained popularity.

Everyone loves the feeling of floating the day away, so it’s likely that at least once in your life you’ve been aboard an inflatable pool lilo or boat. Inflatable toys are still at the top of the pool toy food-chain, but recently, a new breed of inflatables has invaded the water.

Giant inflatable swans have become in-vogue and in recent times, these larger-than-life birds have been regulars on the fashion circuit, appearing in many photoshoots and advertisements. The term ‘swanning about’ has never been more relevant.

If swans aren’t your thing, you can adopt a more flamboyant pool pet in the form of an inflatable flamingo. No matter which member of the avian family you choose, investing in one of these fashionable friends will leave you Instagram- ready in no time.

Summer only sticks around for three months a year, and if you own a pool, you’ll want to utilise it as much as possible. Don’t let chores and tasks keep you inside – instead, why not mix business with pleasure and set-up camp on an inflatable aqua couch?

These spacious floating couches are big enough to kick-back on, allowing swimmers to read a book, study or simply relax. With enough space for two or more people, you can lounge with your loved ones all day long.


For safety reasons, electronics and water don’t mix, but there are a range of battery-operated, waterproof and water-safe electronic pool toys and accessories that can make your days relaxing by the pool more enjoyable and safe.

A chilled summer playlist is the perfect accompaniment to a day spent cooling-off in the pool, but an iPod dock sitting on the edge of the water spells trouble.

Luckily, the introduction of waterproof floating speaker pods allows swimmers to listen to their favourite tunes while floating in the pool. You’ll never have to get out of the water to change a song again!

Floating speakers are perfect for relaxed days swimming alone, as well as more lively pool

parties and events. Guests will love the novelty of a floating sound system and these nifty little pods allow you to create a party atmosphere that rivals the very best of DJs.

If the idea of floating speakers doesn’t get your motor running, perhaps motorised bumper boats will. With a steering wheel and comfortable inflatable seat, these water vehicles are the pool toy equivalent of a jet-ski. Drivers can scoot through the water at four kilometres an hour and although they may not satisfy the speed demon within, you can crash into your friends without any casualties.


For the competitive pool owner, there are plenty of sports-related toys and accessories that will get your blood pumping. Basketball hoops and volleyball nets will never go out of style; however, other sports are now dipping their proverbial toes in the water and venturing into the realm of poolside activities.

A floating golf green is one way to take your stroke to a whole new level. Complete with floating golf balls, a tee box and a premium golf flag and pin, you’ll be sure to improve your swing in no time. The best way to play is to have a friend in the pool collecting the balls that miss the mark – you may not be the best on the green, but at least you can be the best in the pool.

Golf isn’t the only sport to jump on the floating bandwagon. Table tennis is also available in floating form and you’ll soon discover the pool is the perfect place to play ping-pong. Never again will you need to go crawling under furniture to find stray balls, they’ll be floating atop the water, ready for your next serve.

If golf or table tennis isn’t your thing but you still want to stay fit and healthy, there are a number of fitness sets that can be for specific use in the pool. Foam weights and barbells are a good start, and for the more ambitious fitness fanatic, in-water exercise bikes are also available for purchase. When used in conjunction with a pool, this equipment is great for building tone and strength as the water itself provides a natural resistance.


Treading water all day is hungry work, so it’s no wonder that swimming and snacking goes hand- in-hand. Humans are creatures of convenience and if there’s a way to make even the simplest task slightly easier, we will find it. This is more than likely how remote-controlled snack and drink floats came into existence.

If one drink isn’t enough, have no fear, a floating esky can save the day. There are varying designs of this ingenious invention to choose from. Some options allow swimmers to combine the esky and float so it can be purchased together, however, if you can’t part with your own beloved esky, a float that supports the weight of your esky can be purchased separately.

Times have certainly changed when it comes to playing in the pool, so next summer you can tell the kids to play with their own toys. With a pool full of high-tech accessories, the kids can keep their noodles, leaving the adults to make their own fun.

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