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Walking On Water

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Walking On Water

It's no secret that a swimming pool is a central element to all your outdoor entertaining, but when space is at a premium, a large pool can mean sacrificing an area to shake your booty. April Davis discovers how investing in a pool cover that doubles as a dance floor, can easily transform your pool into a disco haven.

As residential blocks get smaller, space is becoming a real commodity, making it more difficult to hold your get-togethers at home. This is why hiring a pool dance floor for your next backyard bash could be a worthwhile investment. Here, we look at how you can make the most of your outdoor area and get groovy at your next party.


Picture this: the party is in full swing, you’ve knocked back a few glasses of bubbly and you are ready to hit the dance floor and strut your wild moves. Sadly you realise, however, that your backyard is too small and the dance floor is nowhere to be seen! You look around the party and weigh up your options. You can jump in the pool, but it’s too cold and you don’t have a bathing suit on (besides, you don’t want to be that drunk person flailing around the pool that everyone jokes about on Monday), or you could awkwardly shuffle back and forth as best you can in the limited space available.

Unfortunately, these options probably don’t sound particularly appealing and what you really need is a dance floor. Luckily, thanks to ingenious advancement in technology and pool products, you can create a temporary dance floor using a pool cover.

A swimming pool dance floor will come with structural supports for safety and load bearing, and can be integrated into your existing decking. These pool covers are extremely versatile and will add an extra spark to your outdoor décor.

There are a myriad of reasons a dance floor is a great investment, including its potential to create extra space and enhance the party atmosphere of your celebration.

Integral to your pool’s dance floor is also the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s safe and sturdy. Safety is always a huge concern, especially when it comes to pools.

Pool dance floors can come in all shapes and sizes, however, rectangular shapes are the most common. They’re relatively simple to assemble, light-weight and will run flush with your pool’s edging. You can also select the dance floor’s appearance, with covers available in see-through and transparent materials, laminates, printed finishes, or even mirrors.


Firstly, you need to take pricing and suitability into consideration. Purchasing a pool dance floor outright will come with a hefty price tag, so unless you’re looking for commercial purposes, your best bet is to hire it. Hiring a cover for your special event will range in price, but won’t set you back more than a couple of thousand dollars, while purchasing one can range anywhere from $40,000–$100,000, depending on the pool.

You will also need to think about whether a dance floor is suitable for your space. If you have any external decorative features, such as rock waterfalls or a swim-up bar, covering your pool with a dance floor may not be possible. Your pool’s surface will need to be reasonably flat so the cover can be installed above it. Similarly, your pool’s edging will need to be kept clear to ensure the cover is securely in place.


No matter what you do, your pool dance floor is guaranteed to be a stand-out feature of the party, but with a few simple enhancements, you can easily add an extra ‘wow’ factor to its appearance.

Ensuring you have ample space around your dance floor as well as adequate furniture, lighting and heating, will immediately transform your space.

For example, a clear dance floor with underwater LED lights will create a soft ambience, while coloured outdoor lighting will help to create a disco mood on and around the dance floor. Extra lighting around the pool is also essential to ensure your entertaining area is well lit into the night.

Complementary furniture, such as lounges and tables, are essential if you want to ensure your guests are comfortable and can enjoy the party. Your furniture should suit your space and flow seamlessly with the rest of your home. A great way to achieve this is by creating continuity in your colour palette and materials. You might choose to run a blue and white theme throughout the area, with white tables and chairs and blue cushions or de?cor items. Alternatively, you might select neutral hues accompanied by a ‘pop’ of colour. Finding the right balance will also be the key in finalising your outdoor entertaining area. If you have a small space, large, chunky furniture will seem overpowering and in a spacious area, a tiny two-seater table isn’t going to cut it.

Heating during the cooler months is also important. A lot of your guests will warm themselves naturally while busting a move on the dance floor, but for those mingling or hanging around the sidelines, it can get very chilly. If you’re lucky enough to have heating fixtures around your pool already, you’re set! If you don’t, however, a portable outdoor heater could be the way to go. A gas patio heater, for example, is easy to whip out when you need it and then store away in the garage when it’s not in use.

Finding the right lighting, furniture and heating to complement your dance floor will go a long way in ensuring your party is nothing short of spectacular.

A pool cover can be a great addition to your next event and will extend your outdoor area’s useable space. With some lights and funky decorations, there’s no doubt a pool dance floor is a visually dynamic and incredibly fun way to help you and your guests dance the night away.

Images supplied courtesy of Megadeck Staging Systems


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