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With a harmonious shape, this breathtaking living pool and spa combination was expertly designed by Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction’s co-owner, Michael Hoy. Blending perfectly with its coastal forest background, the concrete pool is reminiscent of an ancient rock pool.

The stunning pool is fitted with an innovative bio filtration system and a regeneration zone, which features an array of water-purifying plants, including water lilies, duckweed, cattails, sedges, and cordylines. These useful plants release oxygen into the water, while also absorbing nitrates and ammonium. Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction also incorporated zooplankton into the pool’s ecosystem to ensure an algae- and germ-free swimming environment.

The freeform pool features a family-friendly design. Free from chemicals and salt, the UV-sterilised pool water provides a rejuvenating swimming experience.

Drawing inspiration from the area’s local swimming holes, Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction built a 40m rock-face infinity edge around the exterior of the pool. Dark pebblecrete was selected for the pool’s interior, which beautifully complements the organic material palette.

To meet the homeowners’ request to incorporate all of the natural elements, the expert team constructed a sunken lounge area with an impressive fire pit. The sunken lounge provides an ideal space for year-round socialising and is accessed via the hardwood deck, which contrasts strikingly with the home’s timber-batten exterior.

The deep spa is fitted with a heat pump and cover to ensure it can be easily enjoyed in the cooler months. Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction also carefully designed the lush landscaping that surrounds the pool to create a unified outdoor space.

Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction is a multi-award-winning aquatic design and construction business that’s renowned for its dedication to quality in every project. Specialising in upscale pools, the company is in high demand among property owners who are looking to build a beautiful and luxurious pool.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the team at Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction will help you realise your perfect pool. The company continues to set a high standard for design and construction in Queensland, and has won a range of prestigious accolades, including many from the Master Builders Association (MBA).

Offering a lifetime warranty, bespoke experience and exceptional design, Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction is ready to help create the outdoor lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction

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