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  • Address: 40 Hill street, Woombye
  • Phone: (07) 5442 2522
  • Fax: (07) 5442 2479



Allcast Precast concrete pools are manufactured under strict conditions in the factory from precast concrete with a high-density reinforced shell.

Every plunge pool is fitted with a skimmer box, jet stubs, and lights, and includes a solid concrete moon-shaped seat and top step. They are waterproofed in the company’s factory and can be fully-tiled internally with the customer’s choice of ceramic mosaic tiles. Clients also have the option of having the exterior of the pool painted for greater aesthetic appeal.

Allcast Precast offers three different sized plunge pools. The smallest starts at 5200 litres with a 2.5m diameter, and are 1.43m high and weigh 5.2 tonnes. The mid-sized pools are 10,200 litres with a 3.5m diameter, and are 1.43m high and weigh 7.2 tonnes. The largest pools are 14,000 litres with a 3.5m diameter, and are 1.83m high and weigh 9 tonnes.

The Allcast Precast factory is located in Woombye on the sunshine Coast, however, its plunge pools have been transported to Katherine in the northern Territory and Melbourne in Victoria. Allcast Precast will deliver plunge pools to the south east Queensland area using its own crane trucks and, where possible, the drivers will position the plunge pools into the prepared site. some sites may require a crane to place the pool into position if access is restricted. All other plunge pool delivery locations in Australia are delivered by semi-trailer.

Allcast Precast plunge pools are ideal for houses on small blocks and are an extremely cost-effective option. They can be positioned in-ground, or partially above-ground to reduce the pool fencing required. This will not only save money, but provides uninterrupted views – perfect if you have an outlook like the one featured here.

Allcast Precast began as Monocast in 1960 and has changed hands during the company’s long history. since taking on the business in 2007, however, the father-and-son dynamic duo – dave and Jarrod Bissett – have continued to grow the company successfully and now build more than 100 pools each year.

With his extensive experience working with concrete, having run his own commercial masonry business for 30 years, dave has the know-how to build exceptional plunge pools.

Jarrod perfectly rounds out the talented team with his civil engineering qualification, which sees him assist with the research, design and testing of the company’s plunge pool range. He also works closely with the hydraulic engineers on each project to find solutions to stormwater detention and retention, as well as commercial wastewater treatment.

Every plunge pool in the Allcast Precast range has been independently certified and comes with a Form 15 certification, so you can rest assured that when you work with Allcast Precast, you are working with the best.