ABGAL Liners & Covers

Before the transformation, this old Marbelite pool was in very poor condition. Badly rusted, with faulty plumbing, hairline cracks and structural damage, the owners had considered it irreparable. As such, it was drained, and left to sit empty for years, with a long-term plan to fill it in.

Recently however, the owner was presented with the option of a full restoration, by converting the interior finish with an ABGAL vinyl liner. A .75 millimetre thick liner in ‘Pacific’ was made-to-measure and installed, replacing the Marbelite interior. It effectively resolved all cracking issues, leaving a flawless, hygienic and low maintenance finish. The renovation could not have been completed with any other finish.

ABGAL have been manufacturing liners for in-ground pools in Australia, New Zealand and Europe since 1976. There are over 30 pool builders specialising in fitting ABGAL liners around Queensland. Call today to find one near you.