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Allcast Precast

Established in the 1960s, Allcast Precast is a family-operated business based in Woombye on the Sunshine Coast. The company is dedicated to providing a unique range of luxurious circular and rectangular pools and spas that accommodate the modern-day constraints of limited space, while reducing maintenance time and energy consumption.

With a team of directors who are experienced in concrete, masonry, engineering, transport and pool installations, Allcast Precast has successfully grown to supply some of the highest-quality plunge pools across Australia.

Manufactured under strict conditions, all of Allcast Precast’s pools are made from high-density, reinforced concrete. Each of its plunge pools are fitted with a skimmer box, jet stubs, and an LED light, as well as a solid concrete seat with a top step. Before distribution, the pools are completely waterproofed in the company-owned factory, before being internally tiled with your chosen ceramic mosaics and modern granite coping.

With three different plunge-pool sizes in its range, Allcast Precast can cater for a wide variety of requests. The smallest pool – measuring 2.5m in diameter and 1.43m in height – can hold up to 5,200 litres and weighs 5.2 tonnes. While the mid-sized pool is the same height as the small model, it has a 3.5m diameter and can hold up to 10,200 litres. The company’s largest pool can accommodate 14,000 litres, measuring 3.5m in diameter and 1.83m in height.

With a significant increase in demand, Allcast Precast released a stunning rectangular pool in April, 2018. Measuring 2.48m x 4.8m, this new shell holds up to 13,000 litres of water and weighs 10 tonnes.

Allcast Precast’s range of plunge pools is ideal for sites of all sizes, including spaces that have limitations such as rocky ground or a sloping angle. The pools can be positioned in the ground or partially above ground, which may reduce the need for required fencing. This is not only extremely cost-efficient but can also provide uninterrupted views, which is perfect if your backyard overlooks beautiful scenery.

Allcast Precast delivers its pools Australia-wide through its network of distributors, which includes experienced pool builders who offer full-installation or supply-only packages. The company can also directly supply its pools to clients throughout the South-East Queensland region using its crane trucks and, where possible, its dedicated team of drivers can position your pool into the prepared site. If access to the site is restricted, the crane can be used.

Offering many optional upgrades, including additional seating, and external tiling, polishing or painting, the company provides a customisable service to suit your specific requirements. Allcast Precast also offers a number of cost-effective packages that include pumps, and filtration, as well as heating and cleaning equipment.

Allcast Precast’s luxurious pools arrive at your doorstep stunningly tiled and finished – ready to plumb in the same day and swim in the next. They’re quick to install, easy to maintain and energy efficient, which makes them an extremely cost-effective investment to your home. Every plunge pool in the company’s range has been independently certified by the company’s qualified engineers, and comes with Form 15 certification, so you can rest assured that you’re in extremely safe hands with Allcast Precast.


Allcast Precast

40 Hill Street
Tel: (07) 5442 2522
Email: admin@allcastprecast.com.au
Website: www.allcastprecast.com.au