Aqua Action Slides

Aqua Action Slides take centre stage in the residential water slide department. A family operated and owned business, they pride themselves on having the best and safest water slides available.

The Wild Ride™ slide is the most flexible in the range, being able to fit into as small a space as 1.5m x 3m from the edge of your pool. With colour options of blue and tan, your slide will become an outstanding addition to your pool, or work as a special feature to any type of pool surround, either tropical or contemporary.

Aqua Action water slides feature a Zoom Flume™ water delivery system that pumps 120 litres of water per minute down the slide. Water is recirculated without upsetting the chemical balance of your pool. This system also saves water so is an important benefit when water restrictions are in effect.

Slide support systems, installation systems and equipment have been engineered with the highest strength and corrosion-resistant elements to meet the highest safety standards. Their water slides are manufactured with fully moulded steps and deep treads to prevent ‘slip-throughs’ when climbing up the ladder.

Aqua Action offer a variety of water slides to accommodate your needs and pool type. There is the Wild Ride™ for absolute splash excitement. Their ‘flume design’ runways contain the slider throughout their ride; with their deep U-shaped flume accommodating larger riders comfortably.

The X-Stream™ slide is the perfect solution for backyard thrill seekers. This water slide is the only reversible, 2-turn residential slide in the industry and provides a fantastic water-filled ride. And for the ultimate thrill and excitement, the 360? G-Force™ slide takes the best features of the X-Stream™ slide to a new level. ‘Build your own slides’ have become a popular trend for dealing with tricky areas and small spaces.

Buying Aqua Action means buying a quality and safe water slide from a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.