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Aquatech Fitness Trading

Aquatech Fitness Trading is a new Australian company that specialises in water-based fitness equipment. The range of AquaNess products include ergonomically designed aqua-bikes, treadmills and trampolines intended for use underwater. All products are manufactured in France and are made from aluminium due to its light-weight properties and mechanical strength, it also won’t corrode when submerged in water. Aquatech Fitness Trading’s equipment is ideal for regular exercise, as well as rehabilitation. The company’s AquaNess products are suitable for the entire family as they contain adjustable levels of resistance, which when combined with the added support of water will strengthen and tone your body.


Aquatech Fitness Training

Mobile: 0413 932 834
Email: australia@aquaness.com
Website: www.aquatecfitness.com.au