Aristone Pool Interiors

For a clean, crisp and super bright pool, Aristone pool rendering is the answer. With a natural appearance, the white cement based render features brilliant flecks of coloured stone that will add sparkle and vibrancy to any pool interior.

For a surface that is smoother than pebbles and more affordable than tiles, Aristone is a low maintenance surface that is 100 per cent UV resistant and amazingly durable.

No longer will you have to stress about your pool losing its sheen or need to consider a renovation. The render will enhance water colour, for sparkling blues, glowing whites and fresh aquamarines, making for a cleaner, brighter looking pool.

For too long, limited interior choices for pools has resulted in a dull appearance. After extensive consultation with builders, architects and clients, Aristone Pool Interiors have come up with this revolutionary pool surface to meet the needs of any client wishing for optimum excellence.