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Australasian Exhibitions & Events Pty Ltd

Australasian Exhibitions & Events Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company with a focus on delivering exhibitions and events of the highest industry standards and professionalism.

AEE’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the personalised approach and service it strives for and delivers in staging first class exhibitions and events. The team works closely with all relevant industry sectors and stakeholders to ensure that these events accurately reflect the requirements of the industries they serve.

AEE is involved in launching and establishing new events as well as providing a full range of management services for third party organisations. It is also experienced in staging seminars and other functions in association with the exhibitions it organises.



Australasian Exhibitions & Events Pty Ltd

Suite 11, Pier 35
263 Lorimer Street
Port Melbourne
Tel: (03) 9676 2133
Email: info@auexhibitions.com.au
Website: www.auexhibitions.com.au