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Australian Polished Pool Interiors

Australian Polished Pool Interiors is the first and only diamond-finish concrete pool polishing company in Australia. It offers a unique and specialised product that provides an ultra-smooth finish to give your pool the luxurious interior you’ve always dreamed of.

With its head office based in Brisbane, Australian Polished Pool Interiors services South-East Queensland and surrounding areas.

Australian Polished Pool Interiors’ managers were trained in the USA to use a specifically designed pool-polishing machine, which achieves a superior smooth diamond finish. The finished pool interior has the strength of concrete and beauty of polished stone, and will provide maximum visual impact to your concrete pool.


Australian Polished Pool Interiors

Tel: 1800 765 474
Email: info@polishedpoolinteriors.com.au
Website: www.polishedpoolinteriors.com.au