Award Winning Landscaping

Award Winning Landscaping embraced the challenge of working with a property set high up on a steep hill. The company’s expert team offered ideas and designs and worked together with the clients throughout the project to ensure it met all of their needs.

The homeowners desired a large, low-maintenance entertainment area where they could relax by the pool and enjoy barbecues with friends and family. In addition to making the area feel brand new, the project has also added value to the property.

The open space allows the owners to make full use of their yard, while taking advantage of glorious views across the mountains. The height of the home also boosts the ‘wow’ factor of the project, as the property is immediately visible from the street.

Clever design and construction has meant that the original 40m² outdoor area now boasts more than 250m² of space. By installing a new retaining wall along the front of the property, Award Winning Landscaping was able to build a suspended deck over the top, creating about 40m² of extra room around the pool. The retaining walls have been screened to create an attractive street frontage for the home.

New paving and coping for the pool has provided a fresh, clean look. A combination of sandstone tiles and decking around the pool not only creates an elegant style, but also helps to cut down costs. Tropical plants complement the property’s surroundings and are a low-maintenance choice, in keeping with the clients’ requirements.

Awarding Winning Landscaping specialises in almost anything related to renovations. The company undertakes projects including decking, fencing, paving, tiling, rendering, retaining walls, feature walls, roofs, painting, pools, Bali huts, outdoor rooms, suspended decks, and more.

Award Winning Landscaping is a family-owned and operated business that was established in 2010. The company covers all of Brisbane and can extend to the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. As well as outdoor projects, Award Winning Landscaping is also available for indoor renovations such as bathrooms, tiling, and new rooms.

The company believes in creating beautiful living environments for its clients. Award Winning Landscaping will never compromise on the quality of its work and always remains competitive on price.