Bamboo Logistics

Bamboo Logistics is Australia’s original Bamboo Fencing Import Business, bringing the beauty of Bali and Indonesian products to Australian and New Zealand Gardens. Bamboo Logistics is a wholly Australian owned and operated company based in South East Queensland. The company service all of Australasia and deliver to all states in Australia and New Zealand. They also offer full installation services, including complete landscaping solutions.

In Indonesia, Bamboo Logistics’ full time staff harvest the naturally renewable bamboo, produce and treat the products in our manufacturing facility, and store it in their warehouse until they are ready to import it for their local applications.

Working closely with local villages and communities, Bamboo Logistics has perfected a many high quality, easy to install and maintain products including the original Black Bamboo fencing panel that is now used in many countries around the world.

Bamboo Logistics also support these local communities who have battled relentless misfortunes from mother nature. The company’s relationships with its partners in Indonesia help ensure prosperous growth, employment and a future to these people and their communities.