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Cleardeck Systems Ltd

Cleardeck Systems introduces an innovative way to store your solar pool blanket when not in use.

Conventional solar blanket reel systems can clutter your deck, obstruct your view and be difficult and cumbersome to operate, but Cleardeck’s revolutionary single person system is amazingly simple to use, extending and retracting in less than 60 seconds!

Better still, Cleardeck’s System makes your solar blanket invisible when not in use and permits instant storage all year round, so there’s no more trip hazards or unsightly blanket reels to spoil your landscape. Best of all, the Cleardeck system saves water, chemicals and heating costs – which is good for your wallet and the environment.


Cleardeck Systems Ltd

Tel: (08) 9408 0955
Email: sales@waterblade.com.au
Website: www.cleardecksystems.com.au