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Diamond Results

Mar 5, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 16

Introducing Australia’s first and only diamond-finished, polished pool interior company, Australian Polished Pool Interiors! Offering a unique and specialised service, the company can give you the smooth, luxurious pool interior of your dreams. With its managers who trained to operate its unique pool polishing machines in the U.S., Australian Polished Pool Interiors delivers an incomparably smooth finish that will add a professional and lavish quality to your new pool. The Brisbane-based company can provide its specialised services to clients from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, as well as surrounding areas. The arrival of this beautiful diamond finish means no more scuffed feet or wear and tear of pool toys or robotic cleaners! The ultra-smooth polish gives pebble and glass pool interiors a unique scratch-, dent-, and stain-resistant surface with a long-lasting shine. The non-porous, high-quality finish does not absorb mould and bacteria, which results in a healthier swimming environment. To add value and elegant visual appeal to your pool, contact the expert team at Australian Polished Pool Interiors today! For more information on the company’s premium finish, call 1800 POLISH (1800 765 474).