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Ecozen Pools & Landscapes

Established in 1998 by Sean Lynch, Ecozen Pools + Landscapes built its reputation working with Queensland families to build quality, bespoke projects with an eco-conscience. With all-inclusive pool and landscape packages for residential projects, Ecozen Pools + Landscapes can help you achieve the perfect outdoor space.

The team offer their clients award-winning service, taking them through the design process and helping them up until completion of the project to guarantee excellence. Ecozen Pools + Landscapes have won a number of state and national awards in design and construction, guaranteeing that your project with the team will be of the highest quality.

Ecozen Pools + Landscapes pride itself on constructing eco-friendly projects, while maintaining their affordable prices. By applying the use of eco-smart green technology, water-saving systems and energy smart solutions into projects, the team has helped thousands of Queensland homeowners to have an ecologically and economically superior outdoor space.

Ecozen Pools + Landscapes, determined to make their pools eco-friendly, offer the latest chemical equipment and energy saving operating systems at no extra cost to you. Ecozen Pools + Landscapes offer a competitive price on pool construction and only use systems that will save you money, electricity, chemicals and time during the life of the pools operation.


Ecozen Pools & Landscapes

P.O. Box 478
North Lakes
Tel: 1800 326 936
Email: info@ecozen.com.au
Website: www.ecozen.com.au