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Images courtesy of Beau Corp Aquatics
Images courtesy of Beau Corp Aquatics

Fun For Everyone

Residents of Brisbane’s south are now able to enjoy a new interactive water play area at the Runcorn Pool. Constructed by Beau Corp Aquatics, this bespoke splash pad will provide endless summer fun for families and young children.

The design focused on water play suitable for children up to five years old, as the water features are gentle and emphasise exploratory play. “The theming and design are stunning,” says Michael Hoy, director of Beau Corp Aquatics. “We have created a backdrop of highly coloured, themed seaside objects and animals – notably a sea slug, a sea snake, and clam shell seating for the parents with a variety of sea life made in relief and embedded in the rock pool floor and water course.”

The water course and water play areas include many jets, sprays and fogging outlets that create interestingly moving water for children to explore. The area is well shaded and beautifully landscaped, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

The project was a collaborative team effort, and Beau Corp Aquatics worked closely with the Brisbane City Council, Liquid Blu, Argo Design and City Venue Management to deliver the best possible outcome for the Runcorn community. Beau Corp Aquatics were uniquely suited to working on this project, as they have completed similar designs throughout Brisbane – including the $2.5 million Gladstone Splash Zone and the new facility recently unveiled for Narromine Shire Council.

Intention, innovation and execution are corner stones of Beau Corp Aquatics’ business. This impressive project is another in a long list of notable pools and outdoor areas designed and constructed by the team. Both residential and commercial projects are completed efficiently and with a lifetime warranty and unbeatable after-sale service, to ensure that every project is guaranteed to meet each client’s specific brief.

Images courtesy of Beau Corp Aquatics