Future Wave Energy Solutions

Future Wave Energy Solutions is a well-known and respected energy management company, providing energy solutions to reduce your electricity costs and environmental impact.

The company provides energy-efficient products and technologies that thousands of pool owners are using today. The Future Wave™ Energy Saver is one great example – an eco-friendly device that can, on average, deliver up to a 75 per cent reduction of your pool pump’s energy costs. The Future Wave™ Energy Saver is a simple plug-in device that happily works with any existing pool chlorinator/filtration system.

The unit takes control of your pump, running it more efficiently, and it can even improve its performance. With an easy, do-it-yourself installation process, you won’t require a plumber or an electrician. The Future Wave™ Energy Saver will also cut the noise of your pool pump by 80 per cent!

Ensuring less wear and tear on pumps and filters, The Future Wave™ Energy Saver will extend the life of your pool pump and also reduce maintenance costs. It can be used on over 95 per cent of existing pool pumps, water feature pumps or solar pumps with no need to replace your perfectly good pump – simply make it more efficient! Contact the friendly staff at Future Wave Energy Solutions to find out how you can start saving energy with The Future Wave™ Energy Saver.