Glass FX

The Polaris Soft Close Hinge has revolutionised pool fencing. Not only is it the only soft-closing hinge system specifically designed for glass pool fencing, but it will also ensure the safety of your family.

Manufacturer Glass Hardware Australia realises that pools can be a hazard for children, so the company has manufactured one of the safest hinge systems in the world. The hinge achieves its reliable closing by utilising Glass Hardware Australia’s patented closing function, springs, two high-powered rear earth magnets and miniature shock absorbers. These four components work together to ensure a pool fencing system you can depend on to keep your children safe.

Certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), the hinge has been cycle-tested to reliably close 10,000 times. This is equivalent to ten years’ use, and means you can rest assured your family can safely enjoy spending time outdoors, while also preserving the aesthetic appeal of your pool area.