H2O Pools

At H2O Pools they believe that a family swimming pool has to be more than just a place to swim – the local council swimming pool can do that! First and foremost, it is their passion that the pools they build, including the pool surrounds, must be beautiful.

Meticulous planning at the design phase, coupled with great attention to detail during the construction stage ensures their swimming pool creations are stylish, stunning and beautiful.

H2O Pools’ aim for the featured pool was to integrate the pool with the house, to ensure that the pool became a fundamental part of the home. This was achieved by making sure the pool could be visually enjoyed from the main living areas of the house; the lounge room’s expansive glass sliding doors and the master bedroom’s large window provided a great opportunity to do this.

The pool, patio and landscaping all successfully integrate to form a beautiful contemporary seamless space. The design perfectly embodies the clients’ desires and values – it is beautiful, private, vibrant, energetic, modern and personal.

The outdoor area has also delivered a fabulous lifestyle experience to the clients; the pool and patio are thoroughly enjoyed during the day and the ambience created by the extensive lighting make it an absolute delight at night.

At H2O Pools they pride themselves on designing pools which are amazing, not just functional. The company believes a swimming pool should be the focal point of a home; it should be the fun hub! They aim to fashion a lifestyle experience, a happy place where you can play, entertain or simply relax. When they craft a convergence of inviting water spaces, lush vegetation and innovative outdoor living areas, they create a delightful environment.

The five components that form the foundations of H2O Pools are: building beautiful swimming pool spaces, offering expert design and construction, providing personalised customer service, delivering value for money and providing an experience.