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Hayward Pool Products (Australia) Pty Ltd

Hayward Pool Products, a subsidiary of Hayward industries, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of residential swimming pool equipment. the company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of residential pool equipment, including pumps, filters, heating, sanitation, lighting, safety and pool automation products. From these products, the company has been able to build its global brand based on innovation, energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

Hayward Pool Products recognises the changing needs of its consumers and has created its selection of Hayward energy Solution products to meet these demands.

Variable-speed pumps are the secret to reducing energy costs, while still enjoying a sparkling pool. Hayward Pool Products’ exclusive new range is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to maximise their pool’s functionality, minus the hefty operation costs.

The Hayward MaxFlo vS series is the perfect option for small spaces because the pump has a medium-sized head that typically takes up less space. the variable-speed pump has an 8-star energy efficiency rating, and the speed and priming time can be altered to suit your needs.

The Hayward tristar vS is the first pump to be awarded a 9-star rating for energy efficiency under the equipment energy efficiency (e3) Minimum energy Performance Standards (MePS). this pump can save consumers thousands of dollars over their lifetime and will prolong the lifespan of any pool’s filtration system. the silent, multi-speed pump is engineered to perform under the most demanding conditions and will make lounging by the pool more enjoyable and relaxing.

Hayward Pool Products’ new selection of energy-efficient pumps is integral to the company’s concept of high- performance, patented products that combine innovative technology and high-quality materials to help create the ultimate backyard retreat.


Hayward Pool Products (Australia) Pty Ltd

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