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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

When it comes to decorating your pool’s interior, the possibilities are endless. Emma Phillips speaks to Michael Hoy, the co-owner of Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction, about the unique and stylish ways you can beautify your pool from the inside out.

Designing the inside of your pool should not be taken lightly; a visually engaging pool interior can pave the way for a unique and creative outdoor area. It’s essential to select materials that will stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come. It’s also important to consider all of the other design elements in your outdoor space to ensure a harmonious result.

Your pool’s colour, lighting and materials will each have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your outdoor space. You need to be sure your selections not only suit the design of your pool, but also the surrounding landscape.


A fully tiled interior is typically the best option for a concrete pool. Michael Hoy says that tiles provide outstanding aesthetic and are the easiest to clean and maintain. “Well-applied tiles offer a life-long finish that’s not prone to staining or discolouration,” he says. “The feel of a tile underfoot is superior to render-based finishes, which are often rough.”

Tiles are perfect for creating unique pool interiors as the options are limitless. You can select a shimmering tile to make your pool glisten in the sunlight, or choose a dark-coloured tile to give the water an edgy finish. It’s important to remember that your tile choice will set the tone for not only your pool, but your entire backyard.


Lighting can impact the way your pool looks in many different circumstances. Whether you want to light up the entry steps for safety and convenience, or create a beautifully illuminated oasis at night, choosing the correct lighting is key.

Hoy recommends installing LED lights from Spa Electrics for your pool’s interior; “They’re a highly functional and very affordable option,” he says. Coloured LED lighting is also a great, statement-making option for illuminating your pool’s surrounds, as well as highlighting your garden, pathways and water features.


Waterline tiles can change the entire look of your pool and alter the perceived colour of the water. They also play a vital role in protecting the interior of your pool. “Waterline tile bands are very important if you’re considering a render-based pool interior,” Hoy says. “They manage the insoluble, floating veneer of pollen, sunscreen and body oils that form the scum line at the water’s surface.”


When collecting tile samples, it can be highly beneficial to take them outdoors to envision the effect they will have on your pool water. Many renovators lay their samples out on the kitchen bench to see if colour combinations work, but

this method doesn’t account for outdoor lighting and the impact water will have on your tile choice.

It’s important that you love how your pool’s interior looks throughout all the seasons. Before making your final decision, consider how the colour of the pool’s water will change in different weather conditions and at different times of the day.

Contrasting hues can be a beautiful choice for your pool. “A good combination is a light-coloured pool interior and dark-coloured paving,” Hoy says.


Beyond tiles, a pool’s aesthetic appeal can be improved in all kinds of ways. Incorporating an infinity edge is a fantastic way to create a stylish feature, while mirrors or waterfalls can be utilised for a dramatic result.

Adding a glass wall to your above-ground pool is a great alternative to standard stone or tile. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your pool, while also creating a visually interesting space. When combined with an open-plan

outdoor entertaining area, a glass wall creates a stunning effect.


When selecting your interesting pool interior, think carefully about the overall look you want to achieve. “You must consider how the pool’s interior integrates with the rest of your home,” Hoy says. “You want your pool to appear as if it has always been a part of the landscape and not added as an afterthought.”

The location of your pool should also influence the design elements you choose to incorporate. If your pool receives ample natural lighting, then your colour choices should accommodate for this. Remember, light colours tend to make spaces appear larger, while darker hues have the opposite effect.


With so many decorative options on the market, it can be hard to decide which ones are right for your new pool. Make sure to chat to your designer about your current pool area, and the elements you’re thinking of incorporating.

Pool murals can be added to create a beautiful and effective design element that reflects your personality. You also have the option of creating a stunning mosaic feature with tiles on your pool’s surface, on its walls (if it’s built above ground), or along a boundary wall.  However, if you’re considering selling your home in the near future, keep in mind that a personalised mural may not be the ideal pool feature.

When it comes to longevity, using quality materials for your pool’s interior is a wise choice. Spending a little more on well-made materials
will ensure a long-lasting result that will also reduce the maintenance costs of your pool in the long run.

There are many options available to create a unique and visually interesting pool interior. Whatever you choose to include, the overall
design should suit your home and personal style. Incorporating a stylish pool interior will add a touch of your personality to your outdoor space, and make it an enjoyable place in which to relax.

Images courtesy of Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction