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Jet Set

Words by Simi West

The beauty of swimming is that it is inclusive to all, with people from all walks of life and with varying degrees of strength able to reap the benefits of a short swim. Whether you’re a professional athlete, maintaining fitness levels or recovering from an injury, there are a plethora of health benefits that come from spending time in the water. Swimming is great for the heart, as it encourages good blood flow, keeps the heart rate up and reduces impact stress on the body. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and also lowers stress and depression as it releases chemicals that offer a natural endorphin kick. Pools are an excellent addition to your backyard, promoting group activities and greater fitness, but due to the area conditions and site requirements, building a concrete pool is sometimes not possible. John Pandelis, the national sales manager of Just Spas, explains the new, portable Urban Pool product – manufactured to take the hassle out of buying a pool.

What makes this product stand out from the crowd?
Just Spas offers the highest quality Australian-made spas and leads the way in technology, reliability and energy efficiency. We believe that products made in Australia make a notable difference in the overall quality of our products and provides customers with peace of mind when choosing a spa from Just Spas.

What are the benefits of installing an Urban Pool?
Quite simply, we’ve created the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to design a pool and have it installed in a matter of weeks. From start to finish, an Urban Pool takes just seven days to manufacture. The simple, modular system allows you to build the ideal Urban Pool to suit your needs and fit into your backyard. Stylish and refined with a large range of finishes available, an Urban Pool will only add to the visual appeal of your outdoor landscape. Urban Pools come pre-assembled with all essential systems contained within the pools body, making them easy to install.

It also has 10-star filtration systems and thermal and water-saving covers. Using 60 percent less power than conventional pools, Urban Pools are easy to clean and simple to maintain. The product requires simple water maintenance and the filters require cleaning once a month. The Urban Pool comes with a 25-year structural warranty, which is a longer warranty than what you get with any concrete pool.

Images courtesy of Just Spas

What is the process of creating this product?
The 8-metre Urban Pool is the largest product to be thermoformed in Australia. The pool starts off as an 8.5m acrylic sheet, that is heated up to around 190 degrees and then thermoformed into the mould. The sheet is then removed from the mould and rotated onto a formed trolley, before being fibreglass-reinforced. We have invested almost $500,000 into machinery to be able to complete this process.

How can the Urban Pool enhance swimming experience?
Having an Urban Pool with a swim system is like having your very own swim trainer in your backyard, whenever you need them! You can swim continuously against a pre-set current speed, or change speeds to suit your level of workout. It is also a great way for kids to learn how to swim. Due to the Urban Pool being a contained, well insulated body of water, it can also be heated to the perfect swimming temperature.

What are the different configurations and size options available for the urban pool?

Choose your size:
– Lengths – 4m, 6m or 8m
– Depths – 1.32m or 1.52m

Choose your fittings:
– Straight steps, corner steps, 5 jet step system, single-zone spa or dual zone spa

Choose your swim system:
– 2 jet swim system, 5 speed swim system, 8 speed swim system, no swim system.

Choose your heating:
– 9.2kW heat pump (heat cool)
– 24kW gas heater (3kW heater standard when a spa or swim system is added)

What are the advantages of installing an Urban Pool over a concrete pool?
The project time is a lot quicker. Once your area is ready, you can have your Urban Pool ordered and craned in within a couple of weeks. With concrete pools, there is always quite a large mess in the backyard and a lot of soil to remove. The project times could be approximately two to three months. Another big advantage is that if you decide to relocate, you are able to take your Urban Pool with you!

What factors should pool owners consider when choosing an Urban Pool?
There are a few simple choices to create the perfect Urban Pool. These include size, depth, acrylic and cabinet colours. Depending on what you want to use your Urban Pool for, there are also a range of choices that suit your lifestyle; swim systems, open spas, dual zone spas, and more.

Are there any specific homes that are best suited to installing an Urban Pool?
All homes are suitable for an Urban Pool! A lot of blocks can’t have a concrete pool installed due to easements, ground conditions and the size of the area. An Urban Pool is a way to have a pool in your backyard when concrete is not an option.

What can customers expect from the Urban Pool’s swim jets?
The Urban Pool’s eight speed jet system is like no other. The system flows from 800LPM, up to a massive 4000LPM when on its highest speed. You can set the duration of your swim and customise a gradual increase in speed as your workout builds up, and then a decrease as your training finishes. This type of training is one of the most efficient forms of cardio exercise, and can deliver benefits faster than typical cardio workouts. Swim jets are great because swimming continuously in the one location allows you to concentrate on your strokes and lines rather than having to stop and turn around every 15-metres. It is like an endless lap pool.

What are the benefits of having swim jets in a pool like the Urban Pool?
Having swim jets in an Urban Pool allows you to get a regular complete workout in the privacy of your own backyard. The workouts are also versatile, meaning you can do much more than just swim. You can walk against the jets or do water aerobics and resistance training by using the water current and pressures, which is great for building and maintaining core strength.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers about Just Spas?
Just Spas is devoted to improving lifestyle and wellness by providing spas and swim spas that offer superior hydrotherapy and exercise systems. The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant has won numerous awards and recommendations for its products and has earned a reputation for quality, innovation and craftsmanship through its 25-plus years in business.

If you’re looking for a fabulous, portable alternative to a concrete pool, the Urban Pool is an excellent option for everyone. The Urban Pool is easy to assemble, it boasts smart, low maintenance features, and best of all, it’s a stylish addition to any backyard.

Images courtesy of Just Spas