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Jewels 4 Pools

Specialising in the supply and manufacture of crystal aggregate pool linings, Jewels 4 Pools offers a wide range of vibrantly-coloured finishes that are soft to touch and guaranteed to not fade.

This crystal pool lining requires minimal maintenance, is smooth on your feet, non-toxic, inexpensive and simply stunning. The company’s innovative geopolymer is a polymer additive, which has been designed specifically for pool renders containing glass or crystal. When used as directed, geopolymer can greatly increase the strength and workability of your pool’s render, while also reducing its permeability.

Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, Jewels 4 Pools knows that a rough, untreated pool surface can lead to sore feet and ruined swimsuits. The company is committed to providing its customers with a product that is not only gentle on skin but is also aesthetically beautiful.


Jewels 4 Pools

447 Wattle Tree Road
Tel: 1300 664 641
Mobile: 0447 459 269
Email: crystal@jewels4pools.com
Website: www.jewels4pools.com