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Laws Laser Pty Ltd

The use of Corten steel is increasingly gaining popularity due to its high weather-resistant properties, which make it perfect for use in the outdoors, and the team at Laws Laser is excited to test its many different applications.

For this project, Laws Laser created stunning screens for the top and bottom level of this property. The geometric design patterns of the screens have been crafted to provide amazing light patterns across the veranda floor, while the homeowners also benefit from added privacy.

The clients required screens for their rear deck area, as the garden itself was built around a damaged water tank. Rather than removing the water tank, it was instead filled with gravel and soil, and the deck was then built on top. Laws Laser created the unique screens as a nod to the old full-length ones used in traditional Queenslander homes, but used contemporary materials that require no maintenance.

At the front of the house, the screens work for security as well as privacy. To add individuality and practicality to the design, LED lights have been installed on either side of the screens so that in the evening each deck area is private and separated from the other without light interference.

Laws Laser is a laser-cutting company that has been in business for more than 30 years. The company manufactures screens from various materials, including aluminium, Corten, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), Ply Weathertex and acrylic. Laws Laser also cuts from the many designs it has on file, and can produce screens from the clients’ own designs, custom-making screens to suit your area.
The company manufactures all products in Brisbane, shipping Australia-wide and internationally. Laws Laser can take on any project, from small backyard privacy screens to multi-storey building façades.

Laws Laser has been laser-cutting since 1984. The company is proudly Australian-owned and -operated and is currently in the fifth generation. Laws Laser completes various types of laser-cutting for metal fabricators, sign makers, shopfitters, designers and architects throughout Australia.


Laws Laser

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