Malibu Pools

A resort-style pool and landscape package that caters to both functionality purposes and an active lifestyle is what is pictured. Designed by Sean Lynch from Malibu Pools and Landscapes, this beautiful Brisbane family home exudes a beach-feel with plenty of space to relax.

Looking out over the outdoor area from inside the home, the eyes are immediately drawn toward the pool and wet- edge spa, and over to the stone feature wall with its cascading waterfall. The contrasting colour palette of the outdoor space, including the pool’s bright interior made from Malibu Pools’ unique quartz pebble mix, ocean blue waterline tiles, natural sandstone surrounds and earthy 3D stackstone exudes a timeless quality that will provide many hours of leisurely fun.

This pool includes a large swim-up play bench area for reclining, as well as wet steps and a handrail for a formal entry into the pool. The luxurious spa has been built partially above-ground, using suspended cantilevered tiled surrounds for maximum use of the space. Along with the spa’s therapeutic massage jets, bubblers and a raised spillway into the pool, the entire pool and spa combination has been well-planned from concept to completion.

All pool and cleaning operation systems are operated by the latest remote-controlled, energy-saving systems, including Waterco eco-pumps and sand filter, as well as an EnviroSwim fresh water sanitisation system. In fact, all of the pool, spa and landscape systems are energy-neutral, as they are all operated by solar energy harvested by the home, diminishing the need for electricity.

Malibu Pools and Landscapes specialises in offering complete outdoor packages – this project exemplifies how working with one design and build team can result in a space that is functional and beautiful, perfect for the lucky Brisbane family to enjoy.

Established more than 37 years ago, Malibu Pools and Landscapes is one of Australia’s leading pool design and construction companies, having won many state and national awards since its inception in 1978. Focusing on a limited number of projects each year, the company services South East Queensland, from Noosa to the Gold Coast.