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In Memory Of Michael Laffey

Mar 5, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 16

The L & V Pools team is mourning the loss of the wonderful Michael Laffey, who lost his battle with cancer in 2017 at the young age of 64. Well-respected within the Queensland pool construction industry, Michael started building pools in the Lockyer Valley more than 37 years ago. Beginning by building a pool for his own home, Michael quickly gained recognition for his friendly disposition and quality services, and started his own company. Lockyer Valley Pools was later renamed L & V Pools. Within ten years, L & V Pools started completing 400–500 projects annually. In 2000, Michael founded L & V Project Pools to meet the high demand for commercial pools. He trained all of his team members to take pride in their work, which resulted in a legacy of well-built, long-lasting pools. Extremely focussed and passionate about his business, Michael was loyal to all of his staff, suppliers and subcontractors. Come hell or high water, he always ensured everyone was paid on time and in full, irrespective of whether he had been paid himself. Michael had many passions throughout his life, including hand-raising exotic birds, as well as horse and greyhound breeding and racing. While he leaves behind a wealth of magnificent achievements, Michael was most proud of his iconic Palazzo Versace and Q1 projects. In July 2017, Michael sold his beloved company to his long-term staff, who will continue his legacy of building amazing pools. He is survived by his wife, Jan, three children and one grandchild.