Moda Vivo Fire Pits by Drizign

Established in 1998, drizign’s experience in stainless steel fabrication had its origins back in 1985 when Managing Director Bill Dritsas first began perfecting his specialist design and fabrication techniques.

Driven by a passion for developing new products, Bill was quick to identify a void within the marketplace for superior quality stainless steel products. Confident that he could set a new benchmark in product excellence and fabrication techniques, drizign was established, and without so much as an ad in the phone book, quickly became the supplier of choice within many industry sectors through positive word of mouth.

drizign’s expert in two distinct sectors, the aquatic industry and the architectural industry, has seen the development of two sub brands, AQUEAS and modaVIVO respectively.

Dedicated to a rigorous research and development programme and determined to be leaders, not followers, drizign is quick to adopt and implement new design solutions and fabrication techniques to reflect current market trends and styles. This has resulted in many of drizign’s innovative products requiring design registrations and patents to protect their innovative uniqueness.

Today, drizign continues to be 100% Australian owned and operated, with over 40 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture, fabrication and supply of high quality stainless steel products and an impeccable reputation for service from start to finish.