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Why trade style for substance when you can have both? Jacinta Walsh speaks with Carl John Yench, the managing partner at Europe Imports, about the benefits of using glass mosaic tiles for your pool’s interior.

With a significant rise in popularity over the last ten years, glass mosaic tiles are now regarded a premier interior finish for pools across Australia. On the surface level, glass mosaic tiles are aesthetically pleasing, but there is much more to them than meets the eye. While these tiles are practical and durable, it’s their extensive variety of customisation options that really sets them apart.

By blending different colours and textures, glass mosaic tiles provide pools with a unique appearance, while adding value to the home. The anti-fade and antibacterial properties of glass also contribute to the longevity and cleanliness of the space, ensuring that your pool remains in its prime for many years to come.

Read on as Carl John Yench reveals why glass mosaic tiles are the preferred choice for the modern pool owner.

Europe Imports
Europe Imports

Why are glass mosaics a popular choice for pool interiors?
“To put it quite simply, there is just no other swimming pool finish that performs better. The benefits received over the life of the pool make the investment worth every cent that has been spent.”

What makes glass mosaic tiles a wise choice for a pool?
“Aesthetically, there is nothing as beautiful as a fully tiled pool. The vibrancy and depth of colour is unparalleled. Economically speaking, you [can] save money on running costs and maintenance as fewer chemicals are required, and the easy-to-clean flat surface enables the cleaning equipment to work much more effectively.

“If you choose a product such as Ezarri tiles, which are produced using 100 per cent post-industry recycled glass, [you will receive] a lifetime warranty. You’ll also be contributing to a more sustainable industry by ensuring that the project [has] eco-friendly products and a durable design that won’t require resurfacing in the coming years, unlike other finishes. This will also increase the value of your property.”

What is the texture of a glass mosaic tile?
“There are many different textures and surface effects available for glass mosaic tiles, which can alter [their appearance] when submerged. The purpose of creating a textured mosaic is primarily

What factors should pool owners consider before selecting tiles?
“The number one question pool owners should ask themselves is: ‘What colour do we want the water to be?’ Key factors that will influence the end result include the aspect of the pool and how much sun it gets, the colour of the coping, the depth of the pool, as well as the colour of surrounding buildings and trees.”

Generally, what is the lifespan of glass mosaic tiles?
“Forever is the answer when it comes to the [longevity of the] mosaic itself, as Ezarri tiles have a lifetime guarantee on aesthetics and
durability. To ensure that you have a beautifully tiled pool for many years to come, the mosaic design and execution of the installation system must be completed in accordance with the Australian Standards for tiling, as stated by the Australian Tile Council.

“Firstly, the mosaic should be produced by an ISO 9001-accredited company to ensure the manufacturing is consistent. The mosaic sheeting system must allocate 90 per cent of the available area for adhesion on the backside of the tile. The sheet should also be held together with a material that is non-reactive to ultraviolet rays and impervious to water absorption and swelling.

“Secondly, the mosaics should be installed by a tiler

with experience in swimming pool tiling. This is critical as tiling a pool is very different to tiling a wall or floor.

“Thirdly, the adhesive grout system should have been tested prior to installation with the glass-mosaic system. The best way to check this is to ask for the installation specifications from your mosaic supplier. Meeting the above criteria is essential for achieving a successful installation.”

Are glass mosaic tiles easy to clean and maintain?
“A pool interior covered with glass mosaic tiles is much easier to clean than a pool that is not fully tiled. By covering the entire pool with a non-porous glass material, you are reducing the amount of porous aggregate used to create an environment that makes it easier for the chemicals and equipment to do their intended job.”

Are glass mosaic tiles easy to replace?
“If the right product is selected and laid by a professional who has the right equipment and adhesives, you will never need to replace a tile.

“If you’re looking for a stunning, chemically efficient, and easy-to-maintain pool that will last for many years to come, then choose glass mosaic tiles for your next pool project.”

Images courtesy of Europe Imports

for safety, as it adds non-slip properties to the tile. Wavy-textured [tiles] seem to reflect less light when placed underwater than mosaics that have a flat surface. This is due to the varying angles within the surface, which reflect the light from the sun and disperse it through the water.

“Surface effects are applied to the mosaic mainly for aesthetic purposes. This includes surfaces that are highly reflective or matte, or those with an iridescent effect or even a printed image. Depending on the effect [used], the reflectiveness or colour of the tile can change when combined with water.

“Ezarri carries more than 300 glass mosaic tiles in a variety of textures and finishes. Because there are so many possible combinations of surface effects, textures and environmental considerations, it’s important to consult a professional when making your selection.”

Europe Imports