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Naked Fresh Water Systems are the alternative to salt/mineral and chemical based sanitisers. Designed and manufactured in Australia, we are setting a new benchmark for water quality in the swimming pool and spa industry, while delivering a product that is simple to use and easy to maintain all year round.

Product Benefits

  • A healthier lifestyle choice for your family
  • Perfect for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema
  • Up to 60% saving on running costs
  • Backwash straight to your garden without dilution
  • Longer lasting equipment and pool surrounds
  • Far less maintenance than traditional systems
  • No need to wash swimwear or shower after use
  • No red eyes or irritated skin
  • Pool lighting will show in greater clarity

Product Features

  • Designed and engineered in Australia
  • Easy to use, multi-function digital display
  • Precise touch pad and time clock control
  • Flexible timer control works perfectly with variable speed pumps
  • Smart self-cleaning technology
  • Variable OXI and ION control
  • Backwash and winter mode functions
  • Suitable for concrete, fibreglass, vinyl and tiled pools
  • Full three year warranty


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Aqualon QLD

“We have seen a trend of customers looking for a safe & friendly alternative to salt & chlorine systems for their pools. After a lot of homework we came across the Naked Pool System and could not be happier. We have installed a number of the units now and the feedback is all the same – all of our customers are over the moon with the system and can’t believe how glass clear & vibrant their pools are. Not often do you get customers ringing back to say how great something is – it really says a lot.”

Southern Peninsula Pool Service

“We have now had a Naked system on our pool for over a year now. We have really loved the fresh water swimming experience. The water is beautiful and clear with no chlorine smell and no stinging eyes. It uses less chemicals which is great for you and your equipment.”

Gary Michaels Pools

“We at Gary Michael Pools Pty Ltd are very happy to say we like installing the Naked Pool system. The ease of installation is great and initial automatic analysing of the water composition is most helpful. We are very happy to continue using Naked.”

Southern Cross Pools

“Set up was really easy and the water quality and clarity is amazing!”

Oxygem Pools

“The most advanced Ioniser system in existence. To anyone considering the NKD1 System, our clients with the system are extremely happy with it.”

Rogers Pools

“As a pool builder we are asked more and more frequently for fresh water options. There have been other products marketed heavily in our 25 years however, none have proven themselves enough for us to recommend them. We only install equipment that is reliable, easy to use and with great customer service behind the product. Naked Pools definitely falls into this category and Rogers Pools is now more than happy to recommend this product for those wanting fresh water in their pools.”

SPA Electrics

“Changed over our pool from salt chlorination to the Naked pools system and couldn’t believe the difference in the feel and clarity of the water. It feels like your swimming in natural fresh water a tastes like it as well. So easy to maintain, very few chemicals and pretty much runs itself but for some monitoring once a month. Installation was completed in a very short time and if I have had any questions since then I get answers immediately.”