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Plunge Pools With Edge

Sep 27, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 17

Allcast Precast has expanded its celebrated range of plunge pools! Measuring 2.48m x 4.8m and weighing 10 tonnes, the new rectangular shell perfectly meets growing demand for more versatile options. As with all of the company’s pools, the latest addition – with a capacity of 13,000L – has the classic visual appeal of a concrete pool with the convenience of a pre-cast mould.

With property blocks shrinking in size, Allcast Precast’s dynamic plunge pools are designed to suit almost any outdoor space. Now more versatile than ever, the high-grade range is also ideal for difficult sites with rocky or sloping ground. All of the company’s pools are manufactured in its own factory under strict and reliable conditions, which guarantees a long-lasting result. Built from highdensity reinforced concrete of up to 48 MPa, a pool from Allcast Precast is sure to be a great investment to your home.

Allcast Precast’s range can be positioned in the ground or partially above-ground, depending on your site and design requirements. Reducing the need for fencing, the above-ground pools can provide uninterrupted views if your property is surrounded by beautifully scenery. By choosing a pool by Allcast Precast, you won’t have to tolerate weeks or even months of inconvenient constructions to attain your dream outdoor space. Arriving at your doorstep fully tiled and ready to install, your new pool will be ready in as little as two days!

Easy to maintain, these cost-efficient pools make a great addition to almost any home. With distributors based in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Allcast Precast can also supply its fantastic pools to clients Australia-wide on demand. Contact the helpful team today to ask about your new pool!