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Pool Controls

Pool Controls are specialists in automated swimming pool sanitation systems.

We are wholly Australian owned and we supply a comprehensive range that includes everything from ozone systems, monitored chemical-feeder systems right through to chlorinators for saltwater or mineral-water pools.

Achieving the correct balance for your pool water is essential to maintaining a safe and sparkling-clean pool. Water chemistry can be surprisingly complex, but an automated water-management system from Pool Controls takes the effort and the guesswork out of pool maintenance.

Pool Controls produces a family of ozone generators that take backyard pool sanitation to the next level. A powerful ozone generator does the “heavy lifting”, reducing chlorine demand by up to 80%. A safe residual sanitiser can be provided by your choice of salt or mineral system. Our Ozone One system is designed to be retro-fitted to existing systems.

Another innovative product is the XLS Xtra Low Salt system, which operates effectively in very low concentrations of salt to provide swimmers with a fresh-water experience. The XLS Xtra Low Salt systems operate effective at around one third of the salt concentration required by conventional chlorinators. A lower concentration of salt improves the taste, feel and overall experience of your swimming pool, and helps to prevent corrosion of equipment.

Conventional saltwater chlorinators in various sizes are also available for swimming pools of all shapes and depths, with the option of a fully-integrated pH Control system that will ensure the pH level of your pool water is always correct. Maintaining the right pH level will make your sanitiser more effective and save you money in the long run.

Pool Controls also supplies sophisticated control systems that monitor key aspects of water chemistry to ensure the chlorine and pH levels of the water are kept within the correct range. Water quality is monitored by a multi-electrode probe, which determines the precise dose of chlorine or pool acid required. The best dosing method will depend on the nature of the installation, and Pool Controls has the expertise to help you choose the best water-management system for your pool.

Pool Controls was established in 1980 and is one of the few companies that is still 100 per cent Australian-owned. Our products are made in Western Australia, and come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty on domestic installations, plus a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on genuine spare parts.

Producing a broad range of innovative equipment, Pool Controls is well-versed in all things sanitation, and can offer expert advice on what system will best suit your needs.


Pool Controls

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