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Pool Fab – Pool + Landscape Creations

Family-owned and -operated, Pool Fab – Pool + Landscape Creations have been building pools on the Sunshine Coast for over 40 years and are the Sunshine Coast’s leading Pool Builder. Pool Fab – Pool + Landscape Creations has won over 40 Awards for its excellence in the construction of unique and personalised swimming pools and aquatic landscapes.

More than just a pool company, the team works with you to create an outdoor oasis that you and your family will love. Pool Fab – Pool + Landscapes Creations can offer you a full Aquatic Landscape 3D design service taking you from conception to completion. Pool Fab – Pool + Landscape Creations has a commitment to its unique local environment and it can also assist you in choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for your outdoor spaces.

Pool Fab – Pools + Landscape Creations have been working with clients in the design and construction of new concrete swimming pools and landscapes that are ecologically responsible in their design, economically affordable in their installation and energy efficient in their ongoing operation.

In September 2017, Pool Fab was acquired by The Ecozen Group and its founder Sean Lynch. Sean and Ecozen Pools + Landscapes have been successfully designing and building bespoke concrete pool and landscape packages since 1999 in Brisbane.


Pool Fab – Pool + Landscape Creations

2/3 Page Street
Kunda Park
Tel: (07) 5451 1000
Email: info@poolfab.com.au
Website: www.poolfab.com.au