Pool Tiger

Established in 2017, Pool Tiger was founded on the partnership between CEO Randy Sellers and world-renowned water consultant and engineer Gary Powell.

Created using patented technology and originally designed for the oil trade, the company’s eponymous product enhances your pool’s filtration capabilities. As water flows through the Pool Tiger, it is channelled into proprietary nozzles that convert it to water vapour, super-heating it for a fraction of a second. Instantly, the water vapour collapses, cools and reverts to a purified liquid, without increasing your pool’s water temperature, creating the ideal swimming experience for you and your family.

The Pool Tiger also helps control nasties such as bacteria, algae, viruses and parasites naturally, while significantly reducing the need for added chlorine. Leave the dreaded red-eye sting and irritated skin associated with poorly balanced pool water behind by purchasing your very own Pool Tiger today!