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Sunbather Pty Ltd Project 1

The seat roller is the latest innovative pool accessory by Sunbather Pty Ltd. Thermal pool blankets can significantly improve your swimming experience while achieving important environmental benefits. However, they can be large and cumbersome, and have to be stored on and deployed from rollers that take up valuable space on the pool deck. Sunbather Pty Ltd’s new seat roller solves these problems by storing the roller at one end of the pool, underneath a functional and handy seat. instead of being in the way, the seat roller is an asset on the deck that everyone can enjoy!

The seat roller’s thermal pool blanket locks in pool heat overnight and is ideal for extending the swim season. Thermal pool blankets reduce water evaporation, energy consumption and pool running costs, making it the ultimate choice for pool owners. The seat roller’s thermal pool blanket can be cut to fit any geometric pool shape, and the roller can be fitted to new pools or retro-fitted to any existing pool that meets the basic size and shape requirements.

The Australian-made seat roller is manufactured with high-grade 316 stainless steel and aluminium components with solid, high-density polyethylene (HdPe) end frames. The strong 114mm shaft and HdPe end frames are perfect for pools up to 50m2 in length and up to five metres wide. The metals used in construction and the material used for the thermal pool blanket are fully recyclable, making the seat roller environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Established in Melbourne in 1974, Sunbather Pty Ltd is a recognised leader in the solar pool heating industry. Innovation is at the heart of Sunbather Pty Ltd, and the company is the most-awarded solar pool heating company in Australia. From solar pool heating to solar-powered pool covers, you can rely on Sunbather Pty Ltd to deliver innovative, automated and energy-saving products that keep pools warmer and safer. Whether it’s a small domestic project or large commercial venture, Sunbather Pty Ltd is the trusted name for Australian pool owners.


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