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Spending summers by the pool is an iconic pastime for many families throughout Queensland, so it makes sense to take care of it. Designed to keep your pool in excellent condition, Remco Australia’s Swimroll Pool Cover is the ideal pool-coverage solution. Available in a range of sophisticated colours, the Swimroll Pool Cover rolls out at the touch of a button to protect your pool with a robust covering that doesn’t compromise on style.

Balancing aesthetics and efficiency with finesse, the Swimroll Pool Cover is designed to save you money on your energy bills and pool-maintenance costs. Reducing water evaporation by up to 80 per cent, the Swimroll Pool Cover drastically cuts down on the frequency with which you need to refill your pool.

Water evaporation also diminishes the sanitising chemicals that are used to keep your pool clean, and forces your heat pump to work overtime to stabilise the water temperature. The Swimroll Pool Cover provides a solution to both of these issues, which makes it much easier – and cheaper – to run your pool. When fully tensioned, the Swimroll Pool Cover ensures your pool is completely impenetrable. Children and pets can walk safely across the surface without risking accidental drowning, which affords you complete peace of mind.

Sleek and sturdy, Remco Australia’s Swimroll Pool Cover is a versatile piece of home engineering that will suit both indoor and outdoor pools. Whether you’re thinking of integrating a Swimroll Pool Cover into your next pool design, or planning to retrofit the cover to an existing pool, the friendly team at Remco Australia are always happy to help, so get in contact today!


Remco Australia

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