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The Robotic Pool Cleaning Company

Since its official launch at the Melbourne Pool & Spa Show Expo in January 2014, the iCleaner 120 by ICH Roboter has received an overwhelming positive response thanks to its great value for money and superior performance.

Easy to operate, users need only place the iCleaner 120 into the pool, turn it on and watch as it cleans the floor and walls automatically. Featuring two powerful drive motors for manoeuvrability and a dedicated water pump that enables superior climbing capability. The iCleaner 120 also includes a ‘floor only’ cleaning option, as well as a remote control and an aluminium caddy for easy transport and storage.

If you’re considering investing in a robotic pool cleaner, you deserve the whole package. To discover more about the iCleaner 120, visit The Robotic Pool Cleaning Company’s website or call the company directly on 1300 886 609.


The Robotic Pool Cleaning Company

Tel: 1300 88 66 09
Email: sales@roboticpoolcleaning.com.au
Website: www.roboticpoolcleaning.com.au

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