Simon O’Carroll Swimming Pools

Owning a swimming pool is about creating a lifestyle a connection with family and friends. It’s about creating memories and social connection it’s about fun laughter and enjoying moments of calm and floating bliss. It’s a place you have parties and BBQs, it’s a lifestyle choice that you make that will last for years to come. Swimming Pools are a family dream that creates memorable moments.

Simon O’Carroll Swimming Pools specialise in the design and construction of high quality concrete swimming pools, spas and water features. Simon O’Carroll Swimming Pools build swimming pools from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and as far west as Toowoomba. They offer a comprehensive design service, including landscape design to enhance the beauty of your pool.

Simon O’Carroll Swimming Pools only utilise the highest quality materials and finishes, and emphasise attention to detail in every aspect of design and construction. All design and building work is carried out by owner Simon O’Carroll and his own experienced team. This allows them to carefully control each step in the process, ensuring an excellent result that will give you many years of fun and pleasure.

The company’s pools are built from steel-reinforced concrete, which means they can be constructed in any size and shape, on any site. Concrete construction boasts strength and stability superior to those of fibreglass and other types of shell. All construction details are engineer-designed, guaranteeing structural integrity and great durability in your swimming pool.