Solartherm International

Solartherm’s ground-breaking solar heating systems are not only energy efficient and cost effective, but their design provides more advantages than other solar pool heating solutions on the market.

Due to the improved efficiency of the Solartherm panel, they require a lot less roof space than the traditional open solar matting systems available, and unlike other solar heating systems, they don’t take away from the aesthetics of your property.

Solartherm solar panels are extremely durable, non-corrosive and low maintenance. Enclosed in an anodised aluminium box and covered by a hail resistant polycarbonate sheet, this special system will last the test of time. A one tonne vehicle driven over the panel will not even crack or destroy it! They have proven to withstand the punishment from thunder storms, high winds, heavy rain and hail. It is also not prone to damage caused from birds and wildlife.

One panel will heat around eight to nine square metres of your pool’s surface area, and to achieve a higher pool temperature additional panels can be added as they are modular. Even if you wish to move to another property, the panels can be re-assembled in your new location!