Spa Electrics

Spa Electrics are proud to introduce the next generation of underwater lighting, the EM series LED light.

With its slim, compact design, yet powerful output, this light is set to revolutionise the way we think about pool lighting.

The standout feature of the EM series LED light is its compact design – it has the ability to produce a reliable, high intensity output from such a small unit. Its incredible performance is a result of Spa Electrics’ patented DuoSink® and PulseWave® cooling technologies.

DuoSink® technology allows the light’s components to cool, as both sides of the heat sink are exposed to water, allowing for more rapid heat dissipation. The PulseWave® technology is Spa Electrics’ very own patented RGB colour control system, and allows them to dramatically reduce the amount of internal electronic components used, thus reducing the overall operating temperatures. This provides onboard colour blending and synchronisation removing the need for costly sync boxes and complicated wiring.

The EM series also has a retrofit light, the EMRX, which has been designed to replace any existing 60mm niches that are currently installed in concrete, fibreglass and vinyl lined pools. It also incorporates the DuoSink® and PulseWave® technologies, completing Spa Electrics’ perfect new range of compact pool lighting.