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Do you want to transform your spa area into an at-home oasis? Jacqueline Maya interviews Sean Lynch, the founder and managing director of Ecozen Pools + Landscapes, who reveals how best to design a themed spa area, and gives Queensland Pool + Outdoor Design a sneak peek into the latest trends.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about your business?

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about your business? “Ecozen Pools + Landscapes offers ecosmart pool, spa and landscaping packages.
Our vision is to integrate eco-smart design, technology and construction elements into every project. Our all-inclusive pool, spa and landscaping packages [provide] a complete professional solution for both residential and commercial projects in South-East Queensland. “[In 2017], Ecozen Pools + Landscapes acquired the award-winning 30-year-old company POOLFAB Pool + Landscape Creations on the Sunshine Coast. Both companies now offer the same bespoke eco-smart design [approach], professional project management and awardwinning construction [services] in both the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas.”

Can you describe your experience with spa design?

“I have worked on many styles and designs for concrete spas [during] my career. Spa design

is an important element [of a] complete pool,  spa and landscaping project [to ensure] it creates a flow between all spaces.”

What are some recent spa design trends that have caught your attention?

“I recently completed a stunning glass-edge spa, which is one of my favourites. The [view of] the bubbling water and lighting through the glass creates a stunning vertical feature wall, which [can be seen] from the main pool and the home.”

Can you give us a rundown of the processes involved in designing a themed spa area?

“All of our design meetings start with an onsite consultation with one of our experienced in-house pool, spa and landscape architects. At
this meeting, we listen to the client’s vision and design goals for their project. “From this meeting, we then create a customised 3D virtual-reality design with all material recommendations and design elements [included to] present to our clients. This allows our clients to put the virtual-

reality headsets on, see their entire project come to life in 3D and make any changes, so we get it 100 per cent correct. “Once we have the design just the way the clients want it, we then create a professionally itemised scope of work and quote for the completed pool, spa and landscaping project.”

What materials would you use for a Japanese-inspired spa area?

“I would suggest [using] an aged slate for the stonework, a natural polished interior and LED lighting. I always suggest [including] waterline tiles as a minimum, but recommend [using] a glass-pearl tile for the entire spa interior [for almost all styles of projects].”

How about a Balinese-inspired spa area?

“I would suggest [using] a light-grey granite or a mid-grey slate for the stonework… The slate interior pools and spas [that are] often [seen] in Bali and Thailand [have] a beautiful look and feel. [Use] a single material both above the water and below for a seamless island-style look.”

Would you design a Moroccan-inspired spa area?

“For [a] Moroccan-style spa, it’s all about bright colours and mosaic patterns. I would suggest [using] a neutral earth-coloured stone. I would [also use] traditional multicoloured random-cut [mosaic tiles] for the waterline, but preferably for the entire interior. This would create an underwater mosaic masterpiece [that can be admired] day and night.”

And how about a Roman-inspired spa area?

“I would be using a classic travertine, marble or limestone [material] for the traditional arches,

with a white mosaic tile and polished pebble interior. A fully tiled pearl-white spa interior would also work with this classic design.”

What spa design elements do you think will be most popular in 2018?

“My design style has always been one of clean and elegant contemporary lines. I think this general design philosophy will always be in style and can be adapted to [suit] any space. “The use of eco-smart energy systems and operating equipment will [also gain popularity, as they] reduce your chemical use, electricity costs [and] ongoing maintenance [requirements], as well as your impact on the local environment.”


What’s your favourite type of spa design?

“My favourite is the modern resort style with raised glass-wall edges and spillways into the main pool. Site and budget permitting,the use of glass walls, LED lighting and a completely tiled interior always creates stunning, timeless spas.”

How can we learn more about your spa design services?

“To see some of our 3D designs and portfolio of completed projects, and learn how Ecozen Pools + Landscapes and POOLFAB Pool + Landscape Creations can work with you in the design and construction of your new pool, spa and landscaping project, visit our websites www.ecozen.com.au and www.poolfab.com.au.”

Images courtesy of Ecozen Pools + Landscapes