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Sterns Pools

Sterns Pools firmly believes that a home swimming pool is not only the centrepiece of your backyard, but your lifestyle too. A pool can improve your quality of life by providing a space in which to relax or entertain that’s perfect for the whole family, while also increasing the value of your property.

Engineered for maximum strength, sterns Pools’ products are streamlined and designed to fit with in-ground, above- ground and semi-in-ground installations. The popular braceless pools are sleek and, when installed in-ground, achieve the same appearance as a concrete pool. Additionally, for those with a difficult site, pools by sterns Pools are ideal for steep blocks and have previously been installed on challenging properties.

With the benefit of easy installation, a pool from sterns Pools can be set up in as little as a day by a professional installer. This simple process removes a lot of the expense and construction time associated with concrete pools or the logistical challenges of a fibreglass shell, so you can begin enjoying your pool straight away.

Sterns Pools has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality modular pools to Australian homes for more than three decades. A family-run company, the friendly team is focused on providing homeowners with the finest in modular pool design, to ensure satisfaction in their investment for years to come.

Fuss-free maintenance also comes part and parcel with sterns Pools’ aim to improve your lifestyle. The high-quality components – resin, high-grade PVC and heavy-duty liners – mean homeowners will spend less time maintaining their pool and more time enjoying it.
Proudly Australian, sterns Pools’ products are manufactured locally using Australian steel. Thanks to their excellent quality and numerous awards, sterns Pools’ designs have been exported worldwide, including to europe, the Middle east, Asia and the Pacific to meet the demands of a growing market.

With an extensive range to suit any needs and the promise of exceptional customer care, there’s a lot to smile about when selecting a sterns Pools product. For an affordable pool that’s easy to install and maintain, look no further than sterns Pools.


Sterns Pools

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Tel: (02) 9608 1111
Email: info@sternspools.com.au
Website: www.sternspools.com.au