Summerset Pools

This grand 25m x 18m pool was designed by Summerset Pools to complement the property’s modern resort. one of the building requirements was that it needed to appeal to a wide variety of people. The pool’s design has already impressed families with its many different areas, which can accommodate both young and old alike. Summerset Pools designed the pool to feature an expansive 25 metre lap pool with a bench seat and spa jets, two waterslides and a kids wading pool.

Summerset Pools worked closely with the owners of the resort to create this wonderful, family-orientated swimming pool. River shore Resorts designed the surrounding landscape with stunning Brazilian tiles, which adds a first-class feel to the entire resort.

Summerset Pools has built and designed many beautiful pools for caravan parks across Australia, and this pool is yet another example of the company’s craftsmanship.

The water filtration and hydraulics were designed by Summerset Pools to meet Queensland’s strict rules and regulations for water turnover and sanitation. All of the equipment is commercial-based and has been constructed for easy operation and maintenance.

The top-up water supply has been designed to come from underground, and is filtered through specialised filter systems, which have an automatic self-cleaning ability. solar panels have been installed on the roof of the resort’s function centre to offset power usage from the twin Pentair pumps.

Summerset Pools specifically designed for the pool to be the heart of the resort, and the restaurant, bar and barbecue areas have been built around it to ensure it is easily accessible for visitors.

Summerset Pools specialises in engineered, geometrical, lap and lagoon-style pools. established in 2003 by Jarred Minne, Summerset Pools is based on the sunshine Coast for domestic construction, but works across Australia to build commercial pools. All of the company’s pools are built in-house, and each client has creative control throughout the entire design process. Summerset Pools’ relationship with its clients is paramount, and it prides itself on providing a personalised and professional experience at all times.

Jarred is engaged personally with the clients directly to ensure a personalised and professional experience. only skilled tradespeople are used by Summerset Pools in construction, and the company only builds around 25 pools per year.

Summerset Pools will turn your dream pool into a beautiful reality and will offer high-quality service and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the design and construction process.