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The latest pool technology makes owning a pool effortless, with a plethora of options allowing you to easily maintain your pool with the touch of a button. Leigh Marie Dodd speaks with Trinity Mansfield, marketing manager at Ascon Pool, about the company’s award-winning product, Turmion.

Tell us a little bit about your business and the types of products you specialise in.

TM: Ascon Pool has over 50 years of experience in electronic engineering excellence. We are a family-owned business, manufacturing in Sydney. Our aim is to develop customer driven, reliable and high-quality electronic controls and systems for the pool industry. We develop and supply innovative, quality products for all pool requirements, and specialise in solar controllers, heater controllers and automation. With our Turmion automation system you can operate any electrical appliance from anywhere in the world.

What is pool technology and how does it work?

Pool technology is an indication of the advancement of the pool industry. We all understand that we can work smarter with improved controllers and systems to benefit the pool owner. Every pool still needs all the same equipment, but the ability to improve that equipment, taking advantage of the knowledge and skills we have in the industry, and turning that into pool technology like the Turmion system, means that automation will improve the functionality of the pool and all the equipment it needs.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of installing pool-control technology?

Pool technology and automation lets us all work smarter for the best result. ‘Plug and play’, ‘set and forget’ are all terms used around pool technology. Turmion allows the pool owner to do all those things. Think about how much we do on our mobile phones – we read, shop, play music, make appointments – it’s reasonable to add ‘controlling your pool’ into that set up.

What are some of the ways in which homeowners can customise their pool by using this technology?

The Turmion Pro WiFi, used in conjunction with our AsconSmart app is simple to use. It takes 30 seconds to install and set up. Then, using the AsconSmart app the pool owner can set up timing and set up scenes (for example you can set lighting to come on at sunset every day, or turn on at 6pm then off at 8pm). Anything you want to turn on and off can be set up in the AsconSmart app. It’s easy to change the settings too; as easy as setting an alarm on your phone.

Are there any energy saving or cost-effective features for pool owners to consider?

It’s all about the timing for cost effectiveness and energy saving. With the Turmion Pro WiFi, you can set up timers to run at night and shorter periods, there is no limit to the times you set. For example, you can set as many on/ off scenarios in a 24 hour period as you require. Everything comes on with a timer, so no equipment is left on wasting power. Turmion lets you set and forget!

Turmion product images courtesy of Ascon Pool
Turmion product images courtesy of Ascon Pool

In your opinion, why should pool owners look to technology to maintain their pool?

We have a mantra at Ascon Pool: ‘the sun always shines with Ascon Pool’. Pool technology or automation will make life easier. We live busy lives; we all need that extra bit of time. The advanced pool technology available in the market will give you that. Turmion will give you that. Automation will save time – set up the Turmion Pro WiFi to do everything when you want it done, then leave it to do the job. All the pool owner needs to do is come home and enjoy their pool!

Your pool-control product Turmion recently won gold at the 2019 Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) Awards of Excellence in the Product of the Year category. What was the idea behind this award-winning product?

Automation made easy. The Turmion Pro WiFi is a simple automation solution. It is easy to install, easy to run and very affordable. The idea for the Turmion Pro WiFi, at its conception, was that in this day and age we can automate so many aspects of our lives. Pool equipment, already controlled, can be automated easily, and we should have fun doing it. Even the name is a bit of fun – Turmion.

What are Turmion’s functions and why should people look to install this in their home?

Turmion Pro WiFi allows you to remotely turn on and off any electrical appliance around your swimming pool and spa from anywhere in the world including your lounge chair or while you’re overseas. Installation takes 30 seconds and the AsconSmart app is simple to use.

What final advice do you have for readers who are considering installing the latest pool-control technology?

Just do it – you won’t believe how easy it is!

Turmion product images courtesy of Ascon Pool