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Way To Grow

Sep 27, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 17

Centenary Landscaping Supplies is revolutionising the landscaping industry with its latest waste-free soil product, UltraGrow. After two years in development, UltraGrow is designed to make gardens across South-East Queensland perform at their absolute best.

Offering an alternative to recycled and waste-based products, UltraGrow comprises some of the highest quality, nutrient-rich ingredients available, including composted organics and Lockyer Valley top soil with various minerals and nutrients. Going above and beyond basic requirements, the nourishing mixture consistently achieves the Australian standard of AS-4419 for landscaping soil, and AS-3743 as
potting mix.

As Queensland’s largest landscaping-supply company, Centenary Landscaping Supplies provides products for both large and small projects. The company also continues to deliver remarkable developments throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland, including the impressive site at 1 William Street.

For more information on UltraGrow and other amazing products, visit Centenary Landscaping Supplies’ website.