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Sunbather Photovoltaic Solar System Panels
Sunbather Photovoltaic Solar Panels Side Shot
Sunbather Photovoltaic Solar Panel shot above

Sunbather Pty Ltd

After the success of the highly acclaimed Downunder pool-cover system, Sunbather has set a new benchmark in environmental responsibility. An attractive addition to any roof, the innovative CoolPV solar-panel system will enhance your pool ownership experience in more ways than one.

Suited to homes with either ample or limited roof space, the patented CoolPV system allows you to join photovoltaic (PV) electricity panels and solar pool-heating panels for an outstanding result. By combining PV panels with solar technology, the CoolPV provides four times the energy output per square metre of roof space.

Featuring highly efficient PV cells, the CoolPV’s top layer generates electricity that can be used in your home or returned to the grid when you have a surplus. Directly behind the first layer is a pool water heat exchanger, which is made up of hundreds of tiny tubes. A pump pushes the pool water through the tubes, gathering up all the wasted heat from the PV panels and delivering it back to the pool.

While overheating can be a common problem for PV panels, the CoolPV converts the heat into a major benefit. By running cool pool water behind the cells to draw off the excess heat, the CoolPV cells are up to 20 per cent more efficient than other PV cells.

Responsible for a number of significant innovations, including the CoolPV, FAFCO USA has been a leader in solar pool-heating solutions since 1969. To create the ground-breaking CoolPV, the company drew on its own deep understanding of solar and pool hydraulics, and worked in close collaboration with the US Navy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to bring the CoolPV to life.

Solar heating is the perfect match for the Australian climate, so long as it’s manufactured to withstand the harsh weather conditions and installed correctly. Sunbather is dedicated to delivering its highly durable products throughout the country via its network of highly trained installers and service technicians.

Sunbather is a proudly Australian-owned and -operated company that’s committed to local manufacturing. Providing the nation with innovative pool covers and solar-powered heating solutions since 1974, Sunbather continually tests the reliability and durability of its products to ensure long-lasting performance. Whether it’s a small domestic project or a large commercial undertaking, Sunbather is the trusted name for Australian pool owners.


Sunbather Pty Ltd

Tel: 1800 228 437
Website: www.sunbather.com.au