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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

If you’re looking to make the area around your pool extra lush, read on as Jacinta Walsh speaks with Sean Lynch, the founder and managing director of Ecozen Pools + Landscapes in Brisbane and Poolfab Pool + Landscape Solutions on the Sunshine Coast, to discuss innovative ways to incorporate greenery into your pool surrounds.

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While many of us tend to focus on the appearance of the interior of our homes, the exterior can often be neglected. Our backyards shouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of those of us lacking a green thumb, as there are plenty of ways to improve your space without the exhausting upkeep.

Hiring a landscaper to help you design your garden is a sure-fire way to organise your outdoor space for ease of use and added enjoyment. There’s no better way to guarantee a great result than with an experienced professional who will save you time and money in the long run.

One of the main benefits of hiring a landscaper to design your backyard is their extensive plant knowledge. A quality landscaper will be able to select the right plants for your needs, whether you’re after enhanced visual appeal, optimal privacy, or reduced maintenance.



A beautifully manicured garden can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying an outdoor space. A garden should always reflect the homeowner’s personality and the local environment, and a landscaper will take these factors into consideration. “My approach is always dependent on the style of the project, be it tropical, native or resort-inspired,” Sean Lynch says.

While the Queensland climate remains relatively consistent throughout the year, both the heat and humidity can take a toll on your garden. Lynch believes that choosing the right plants is key to the success of your outdoor space. “I always try to use a mix of water-wise plants with year-round colour and foliage so that the space is always appealing, regardless of the season or [weather] conditions,” he says. “A combination of low-level ground covers, middle-height feature plants and taller varieties will give depth and height to the space.”

Popular plant choices include tropical plants such as gingers, agave and birds-of-paradise. “Their deep-green leaves and striking flowers are reminiscent of the traditional Queensland style,” Lynch says. However, selecting and planting your shrubs is pointless without the necessary resources in place to maintain their beauty. “It’s also important to carefully select materials like mulch and edging to retain water, reduce weeds and frame the space you have created.”


There’s nothing worse than splashing around in your pool, worried about nosy neighbours peeking over the fence. If you’re looking to create a sanctuary in your backyard, then seek plant varieties that will keep tranquillity in, and eyes out. A few simple landscaping tricks can make all the difference when it comes to being able to fully relax in your backyard.

If you’re looking for plants that will act as a privacy screen, Lynch suggests fast-growing varieties. “Tiger grass varieties work very well and your non-invasive bamboos are always a winner,” he says. Bamboo thrives in a wide range of climates and will quickly grow around the boundary of your property. “Gingers also work well to gain some immediate height for privacy around your pool area. They come in a mix of sizes and colours so they can be used for many different spaces and styles.”

When it comes to effectively arranging your plants, Lynch finds it best to layer them at different heights to achieve a fuller look. “Resort-style gardens work well with combinations of low-level ground covers to reduce weeds and water loss, while improving soil conditions; mid-level feature plants for colour and impact; and taller plants to create depth and privacy in the design without wasting space.”



While some homeowners enjoy spending lots of time caring for their garden, others prefer a more hands-off approach. “As our lives get busier we want to spend less time maintaining our outdoor spaces and more time enjoying them,” Lynch says. Often, selecting plants that require little upkeep is the best way to accommodate your lifestyle.

A great time-saving solution for outdoor areas with limited space is a green wall. “These verticalstyle gardens work well in tight spaces and allow greater flexibility in planting styles,” Lynch says. Their ability to purify the air and regulate humidity makes them a great addition to any environment.

For a green wall full of foliage, cascading plants such as various types of ferns, ivy, dichondra and wattle will do a great job of filling out the space. For flowering options, try a selection of petunias, sweet alyssum, begonias and geraniums. For something that’s even easier to maintain, opt for a succulent garden. Succulents are a great choice because they are resilient, and come in a variety of colours and textures. “They are a great use of space and are very popular with clients who prefer low-maintenance feature gardens,” Lynch adds.

“A combination of low –
level ground covers ,
middle-height feature
plants and taller
varieties will give depth
and height to the space .”




Considering how your outdoor area effects the environment at large is the first step in achieving an eco-friendly space, and selecting the right landscaper for the job is a key part of the process. “Our ethos is to offer eco-smart packages from concept to completion,” Lynch says. “We aim to create water-wise and energy-efficient spaces with reduced chemical use throughout the home.”

Popular eco-friendly practices include composting, recycling, and attracting native wildlife to your backyard. By implementing these strategies in your outdoor area, it will be easier to maintain a green garden and a greener lifestyle. When it comes to plant selection, opt for evergreen varieties such as agave, yukkas, pandanus, cycads and gingers, which require minimal water, chemicals and energy to survive. “If we can create beautiful outdoor spaces that require less upkeep, water, energy and chemicals, it’s beneficial for the client, their family and the environment,” Lynch says.

Ecozen Pools + Landscapes specialises in complete pool and landscape packages. Give the friendly team a call today for an opportunity to meet with one of the designers for a free consultation on your next project. To browse more inspiring landscape creations, head to www.ecozen.com.au or www.poolfab.com.au.

Images courtesy of Ecozen Pools + Landscapes